We kick things off with a client questionnaire where we understand your SEO goals and the types of links you’d like to build in this campaign, it all starts with research, we research everything! 

pages/titles/site/niche/audience/social media/influencers/keywords/competition/extended audience. Client site audit, you may already have great content that’s underperforming or keywords you need to double down on and create better updated versions.


Web analysis

More research: we want to see what’s working well and what we can improve on when we begin our campaign.

We’ll look at what could be holding your site back. First things first we’ll analyze your web data from your google search console to better understand your traffic, backlinks, and how your visitors interact with your site.


Content audit & assign target keywords

We will discover strengths and weaknesses in your content, what content could be repurposed, updated, or deleted.

We’ll look at all content elements and all the information on your website to see what could perform better.

We’ll suggest edits for example, including visual elements and update the content itself to include changes in your industry.


Link Prospecting

Research continues: Now we have an understanding of your current audience and expanded audience. We’ll make a list of the most popular content based on their backlinks and target keywords. We’ll make a list of relevant sites best suited to link to your content.


Content Creation

At this stage, all the research we’ve done has given us the roadmap for the most effective content creation and highlight topics, questions we should include in your content


Personalized Manual Outreach

Even more research. Everyone sends and receives emails, there’s nothing special about that. Reaching out, building relationships, staying out of the spam folder can be tricky even with research. Rest assured, we have our outreach down to a science


Follow Up

This stage is often overlooked because a link target didn’t reply to your email. We follow up with possible link targets without being pushy. We understand people get busy, you’d be shocked at the number of links acquired from a timely follow-up message.



We end our campaigns with Results