Our Story

Welcome to advalley, your number one source for all things [product-here]. We’re dedicated to providing you the very best [product-here]……….

you see, this is how most Link Building about us pages read, we almost did what they did. But that would be boring and not completely true.

We were there at the beginning. Just when the concept of ‘search engine optimisation’ was taking off, and the full potential of the internet was being realised,

we started to see that businesses large and small would need specialist help


The beginning

Our first interaction with SEO online marketing was in 2005 with an info product called the rich jerk.

Now the rich Jerk was something that changed the way we looked at the online landscape and how to make money online. This is all before google panda updates or anything.



Fast Forward

Building on the knowledge we got from the rich jerk there was some growing pains

honorable mentions :

Internet lifestyle network

This was a blog platform/mlm scam and we didn’t learn anything, moving on….

James Francis marketing

He knows his stuff

Developed our knowledge on affiliate marketing and paid ads, lead generation, content marketing, this is where we rediscovered content marketing and the importance of link building.



Leaving the Rich Jerk (and black hat behind)

Looking back a lot of the info in the rich jerk would be considered black hat SEO but it was super effective. We had websites ranking on the first page of google selling obscure products like hair removal (because of the low refunds), antivirus software to name a few, and ranking for our keywords overnight, this became really really simple because our knowledge on google ads and rank factors was way ahead of everyone that was focused on, web 2.0s PBNs and article directory submissions that were working well at the time. While most other agencies were scaling up and providing more services. We stayed focused on Link Building and Lead Generation that’s it


Panda update

The update changed everything, it was the end for many SEOs, all the tactics that’s worked to rank a site changes, a few of our sites dropped off the first page on google, even though we lost some sites to the update, we still had sites that were unaffected by the update, this was because on these sites we were only doing content marketing around google search terms, and this worked perfectly

At this time advalley, ad valley, advally, was just a concept. We had the domain advally.com but couldn’t justify why the spelling was incorrect, this was before companies started to use fancy edited of reduced spelling. So, we purchased advalley.com and it was official.

The idea was to be an ad management or ad tech company, data driven working with software bloggers and small software companies that suffered because of the google panda update, etc.

remember our hair removal and antivirus software websites, well the antivirus site outperformed the hair removal site 100X and it was way more straightforward to run. Our interest in technology and the possibilities for the future, working with software companies became our main focus because we better understood the content that would rank from building our antivirus site.


Systems and processes

How to F@ck up a campaign

There are many ways that a campaign can go wrong, we found out the best way to F~@k up a campaign is to have

no set system or processes

we were managing multiple clients sometimes from different industries nothing was really structured, sure it was extra busy, but it wasn’t productive


no communication with the client throughout the campaign

sure we were still able to run campaigns that saw success at the end, but it was a bumpy ride and made it all stressful for us and the clients

Enter the systems and processes for producing predictable results

With all the growing pains and streamlining of our services, we put together the advalley systems and processes for producing predictable results.

we email the client before the campaign starts, what to expect week by week from the campaign because some campaigns take more time than others to show results


Our Campaigns

can be view online in real time, we understand that our clients are busy and don’t have the time to check our campaign. Because of this fact, we also send weekly touchpoint email to keep the client up to speed and to let the client know what has been achieved and what we are working on in the campaign,

2012 advalley started helping clients navigate the evolving world of digital marketing – and we’ve evolved along with it.

advalley is a group of experts in the blockchain and link building space. We have been working with this technology for years and understand it better than most. We know how to make your content seen by wider audiences, so we can help you break down barriers for adoption and widen acceptance of the technology.

Welcome to advalley

Link Building & Lead Generation for Blockchain technologies


Our Process


Client Questionair

We begin all our campagins with some questions


with this information, we are able to understand your business strengths and weaknesses. we use this information as a base point for your campaign

Target Audience

We provide quality targeted leads

Customer profile

we will investigate your search traffic and see what people we can improve on to further identify your ideal customer


We monitor and adjust our campaigns in real time

live reporting

We work with a small number of clients which allows us to respond to any campaign emergency

Leads Generated
Campaign Hours
Outreach Emails


We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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