There is a blockchain revolution coming. All the big players in tech want to get involved and many of the blockchain experiments that are running now will become permanent features of our digital life.

Seo will be no exception (see blockchain and SEO: what you need to know for background). Now blockchain is still a technology with lots of value, but uncertain value. While we can see plenty of potential uses for blockchain tech, we don’t know exactly how those usages might come about or how they might impact different industries (and search as an industry is very complicated).

The opportunities blockchain opens up for business and brands could be even more dramatic than those it provides consumers because now businesses can do more transactions that require trust using blockchain tech and smart contracts.

To explain blockchain tech and smart contracts I will use a classic example, let’s assume we have Alice and Bob who want to do business together. They both prove their identity using blockchain (digital signatures), create a digital contract (smart contract) creating the terms of the transaction and then complete it by transferring the asset (in our case money).

They don’t need to worry now about counterfeit money or double spending as blockchain will make sure no one spends the same money more than once. That’s a lot of efficiencies for business operations that blockchain tech could provide, but which blockchain tech? To understand this let’s consider two types of blockchain: public blockchain and private blockchain.

Public blockchain is the original bitcoin technology that makes transactions and blockchain (and smart contract) possible. Anyone can join the blockchain network to read, transact or mine it. Part of bitcoin mining is an effort to reach consensus on blockchain transactions.

Private blockchain is where the ledger resides within one organization that controls access within its workgroup only i.e. not publically readable by anyone outside of the blockchain group. The benefits are increased efficiency as only people inside the blockchain group have access to it, but private blockchain has less security than public blockchain because of fewer nodes in its network.

As with most new technologies there are start-ups who want to disrupt SEO by building blockchain solutions for particular problems in SEO including dispute resolution and scoring.

Dispute Resolution Services: blockchain technology can be used to provide a permanent and transparent record of transactions in a way that third parties cannot corrupt them. It also reduces costs by ensuring only the relevant information gets shared

Keyword  Score blockchain services: A blockchain based keyword score service could track the number of searches for a particular term over time, with blockchain tech’s incorruptibility ensuring the results stay accurate. In theory, this would make traditional search engine optimization efforts less necessary, however, existing services already do this with their own proprietary algorithms so blockchain might just add an extra layer of trustworthiness to their data.
The most promising blockchain solution for SEO is using blockchain tech or smart contracts to improve digital marketing campaigns transparency, including:

#1 Transparency in advertising budgets

Advertisers can now track the blockchain-powered transaction for every impression they serve.  This means blockchain can provide full transparency of how your advertising budget is being spent and what you are getting in return.

#2 Transparency with media agencies blockchain supports smart contract which executes on its own when terms are met, this would allow for transactions between advertisers and agency to be automated and require no human intervention.  This could greatly reduce the time it takes to pay an invoice, but also increase control over tracking where money has gone (eg blockchain allows the advertiser to see exactly which site their ads was served on).

#3 Transparency with campaign metrics Blockchain tech can make campaign reporting more accessible, transparent, and secure by creating a permanent record of all the transactions which are part of the campaign.

#4 Transparency with all types of blockchain services blockchain technology can also be used to track and verify other SEO service providers like link building, content marketing, or outreach efforts by blockchain companies.
Future of Link Building

As blockchain tech rolls out into digital marketing campaigns, blockchain companies will rely on smart contracts for SEO blockchain optimization . Smart contracts are the core component used in blockchain projects including ethereum , Lisk  and Melonport, so it’s possible that our daily work as SEOs may soon be connected to the smart contract. You don’t need deep knowledge about blockchain or software development though to take advantage of what blockchain can offer now, you just need an understanding of how blockchain tech can improve SEO blockchain optimization. So what blockchain project should you look to use the technology in your SEO efforts?
If blockchain were an animal, it would be a cross between a smart contract and web 3.0 disruption of the internet by blockchain companies.

As blockchain is still at its early stage, there are no dedicated blockchain for SEO solutions yet. But instead of waiting for them to appear blockchain companies, you could consider using open source blockchain platforms including ethereum or Lisk which allow developers to build their own decentralized applications on top of their platform. These are both platforms that are providing the basic infrastructure needed for other businesses to use their blockchain tech to create blockchain products

The future is already here, just not very evenly distributed – William Gibson
Blockchain projects are already disrupting the internet as we know it, now they are just working to improve their blockchain technology. One of the most important blockchain platforms for SEO blockchain optimization is ethereum, which offers an open blockchain platform with smart contract functionality. It has a cryptocurrency called Ether (the ETH symbol), which can be traded on exchanges and used to pay for fees or services on the ethereum blockchain. The biggest ethereum ICOs currently running include Melonport,  Digix Global, and

There are also other dedicated blockchain marketing agencies working on blockchain sponsored SEO blockchain optimization solutions, including Smith + Crown who are active in researching, tracking, and evaluating new blockchain companies.
: blockchain companies can help you with blockchain optimization, blockchain tech is a trend of the future. blockchain is a key technology that you need to know about if you want to market your business successfully in the coming years.

#5 Smart contracts for e-commerce blockchain marketing companies have been working on blockchain-sponsored smart contract solutions for online retail and e-commerce, one example is the partnership between Swiss startup Lykke and Shopware where they are planning to use blockchain smart contract solutions on blockchain platforms such as Lisk or Ethereum.
Including smart e-commerce, contracts could also dramatically reduce the risk associated with international trade, as well as enabling greater levels of trust between trading partners. Blockchain solution using smart contact will sure both parties involved meet their blockchain agreement. blockchain marketing companies are currently working with e-commerce blockchain companies to find the most suitable blockchain technology for smart contract use in e-commerce blockchain optimization.

#6 Content marketing There are blockchain sponsored content marketing platforms including  Yours,  Steemit and  LBRY that are using blockchain tech for SEO blockchain optimization. These blockchain projects allow users to publish their own content on the blockchain, creating a transparent and decentralized reward mechanism powered by tokens. All rewards are paid out in tokens, which can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ether so you would need an ethereum blockchain platform or bitcoin wallet to invest in these types of efforts.

This blockchain based cryptocurrency concept makes it possible to distribute content such as news articles, music and video in a way that is both decentralized and profitable blockchain marketing companies are working with blockchain sponsored content marketing agencies to find blockchain solutions for blockchain optimization.
Bottomline: blockchain content marketing platforms are the future of SEO blockchain consulting. Start using these platforms now and get ahead of the pack.

#7 ICOs One area where you could witness huge growth in the near future is blockchain sponsored Initial Coin Offerings blockchain clients. An initial coin offering (ICO) or initial currency offering, a type of crowdfunding based on cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin or ethereum. It’s somewhat similar to an IPO with the buyers receiving tokens in the new company instead of shares/stocks when investing into blockchain projects
Bottomline: ICOs are revolutionary and revolutionary ways of funding blockchain led projects that will change the SEO landscape in the coming years so be ready for it!

#8 Blockchain SEO According to a recent survey, over 80% of blockchain businesses and startups do not have any kind words to say about their experience with SEO blockchain optimization. In general, they criticize Google’s lack of blockchain search results since it has been historically difficult to get indexed by these search giants. However, this is likely to change soon, particularly because both parties want to tap into new blockchain SEO markets.

blocker, a new tool that helps Bitcoin users search the Bitcoin blockchain to find information such as bitcoin transactions, addresses, and historical metadata. This is extremely helpful if you’re looking for leads to connect  SEO blockchain solutions for your website. You can use the following query terms on the BlockSeer search engine to find what you are looking for :
– People Search
– Bitcoin Transaction Search
– Bitcoin Address Search

bottomline: be one of the first blockchain marketers using new blockchain SEO tools like Blockseer! You will benefit from this like no other since the competition is scarce.