If you’re struggling to generate leads for your business, it’s probably because you don’t know a proven process to generate consistent leads.

Now even if your e-commerce business or any business that you think you don’t need leads because you can just directly go into the sale once you drive traffic,


the truth is when I say leads what I actually mean is how do you start the communication process with your target audience.

What’s the most effective way to do that, so that when you’re able to get them you’re able to convert them into an actual customer or a client.


keep in mind

Here’s something that you always want to keep in mind,

60 to 80 percent of your target audience, it doesn’t matter what business or industry you’re in, will not buy from you at the first touchpoint.

You can start the communication process through the content you create, whether the content is created for social media or more detailed content on your site, make sure your content is focused and targeted to your specific audience.

Most of the money you’ll make is actually from building long-term value and communicating with your target audience.

How to effectively do this in the best way possible that works in the real world

These methods have been tested in real-world campaigns and have been very successful for our clients,

when you implement these strategies into your business, you’ll be able to see actual results by Turing more leads,

and also, being able to warm up the people that are not buying from you today.


The first strategy

don’t use a direct cold ad to generate a direct lead from your audience, add value or find out their pain points first.

There’s so much noise and overwhelming information in the marketplace, everyone’s trying to get leads everyone’s trying to sell their PDF eBook video series.

I mean think to yourself how many times have you downloaded an eBook or opted-in, and especially your email inbox right it’s exploding with a ton of useless stuff that you just don’t pay attention to because you don’t have the time.

So how many ebooks, video series, how many things have you download that you haven’t checked out because you don’t have the time and you’re still getting emails from these people, that’s what I want to help you avoid.

Never show a cold ad to a cold audience to generate leads

what you want to do is to create content targeted to these people, warm them up, and then once you have that specific content, then we want to remarket to them with a soft specific ask of saying we want to start that communication process.

There are two ways we can do this, you can do this not the email way, email is still a very effective channel but it’s so much noise there.


The old way of doing it

Is the way I mentioned before, you start with a cold ad getting them to opt into your lead magnet e-book or video series, that stuff is being less less effective because there’s so much noise and it’s going to cost you a ton of money doing it.


The new way

Where you warm the target audience with content at the top, educate inform and help solve pain points, you could answer questions on Quora, Reddit to name a few, then you remarket to them with actual assets that they want which goes into the next part.


The newer way

First method

Using messenger especially on the Facebook platform it doesn’t matter what audience you’re selling to b2b or b2c, Facebook is still one of the best sources to do this and messenger is a newer channel you can use to communicate with them especially right now.


Second Method

is using text, being able to use things that connect with your specific target audience using fixyourfunnel.com or Yeti text, these things connect with your specific automation platforms so you’re able to send text messages along with the emails and messengers to be able to communicate with them.


The first core principle is don’t show a cold ad to a cold audience to generate leads only do it in the remarketing side of the process.

now in 2021

even the years beyond as I mentioned before one of the things that you want to do to vastly lower your cost to acquire new leads and also get actual quality leads is by communicating on the platforms your sharing content on, using the native platforms lead generation capabilities.

Now that might sound confusing to you but what I basically mean,

For example, on Facebook, you want to be able to use lead ads and you want to keep everything native to that platform and start the conversation there.

Right now, as of today as you’re reading this, I’m moving a lot more away from using emails to communicate with people. Sometimes emails can feel a little more transactional, not as personable as it was in the past.

I still collect emails because it’s one of the ways that we’re able to control that process but a lot of communication we’re doing is using messenger if we’re collecting that lead on Facebook.

So, we’re using Facebook lead ads to collect the lead give them the asset on Facebook through messenger


The second Strategy

On LinkedIn we use the LinkedIn lead gen form, for b2b we do the exact same thing we start the communication, we use the video to warm them up we use a LinkedIn lead gen form, once you complete a LinkedIn lead gen form, we move them to actual communication on LinkedIn to start that communication with them because we can actually see the people that comment.

So, we don’t take them off the platform we keep them on the platform and if we need to, we use other channels of communication to support that process so we’re using email using messenger using LinkedIn and also using text as well to be able to combine all these threes and use multi-step communication, campaigns, not spamming.

Now the most valuable leads you’ll generate are not through Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Twitter, it doesn’t matter what channel or audience you’re focusing on, the most valuable leads for you to generate will be the leads to your site.

Make sure your website has lots of useful content and convenient calls to action and the right messaging to get people to opt-in and start that communication process with you. As business owners, entrepreneurs you’re reading this if you want to grow your business online you need to focus on,

The traffic, who are you targeting, how can you solve their problem?

lead magnet testing, where are you sending the traffic, what do you want them to do. Pdf lead magnets., work well for some brands, where webinars may be more effective in other industries.

the leads, what lead generation systems are you using and testing, either PPC, or SEO,

the sales (a separate process)

three areas to focus on to grow your business online successfully.


Always keep in mind, it’s true now and in the future

60 to 80 percent of your target audience will not purchase your product or service after first contact.

You want to use your site as a way to build brand affinity and trust with your visitors, over time.

The second principle is the person that adds the most value together with brand affinity is the one that wins at the end

so that’s why you want to have targeted, informative, problem-solving content on your website,