let’s face it, if you’ve got millions of people coming to your website already it’s pretty easy, you can put an opt-in there and just by sheer numbers you’re going to get a lot of leads but what do you do if you don’t have traffic to your site.

In this post, I’ll share with you how to get tons of hot new leads even if you don’t have a lot of traffic coming to your site.


I’m going to share with you what we’ve done so we can help you build your business no Theory actual things that work.

You’re excited you’re going to build a website you know is it super exciting you’re all jacked up, then the excitement takes a nosedive,



Because nobody knows about it

nobody goes there

you don’t get any traffic

you don’t get any sales


and now, all you’ve got is a site.

Now I know it’s frustrating and it’s disappointing but it doesn’t have to be that way you can change this




So, what do you do now?


I want to share with you some tips and techniques that you can do immediately to increase your traffic to your website.



create lead magnets, a lead magnet is where somebody actually opts-in and they get something of value that could be

white papers

it could be lists

it could be a guide

it could be steps to do something


it can even be a sneak peek into one of your courses something like that.

When you offer value like that people are more apt to opt-in and it drives traffic, now the cool thing is if you do these lead magnets, over time you start to build a list.


Building this list leads you to the next step of online marketing, which is email marketing now people will say emails dead, email doesn’t work.

It does work,

it doesn’t work as easy as it did years ago


but I can tell you probably 80% of our revenue comes from email marketing so and we’re not that different from any other company.


People will send emails and people will check emails according to HubSpot, 99% of people that have email accounts check their emails multiple times per day globally,

that’s a high percentage so you definitely want to be building this list of these downloadable lead magnets.


You’ll be able to email market these people in the future.

When surveyed actually 59% of online marketers said the majority of their income came from email so don’t let them tell you that emails are dead, they’re not.


So how do you promote these lead magnets, how do you actually get people to come to your site

to get these lead magnets?


it’s really quite simple and there are three ways you can do it right now

you can put Facebook posts out there.

You can actually run Facebook ads, not for beginners, but if you want to run ads you know that will drive more traffic if you’ve properly split tested the campaign and built a like for like audience you could explore and further split test.


you can use LinkedIn

you can use Twitter

you can use Pinterest to promote your free download, a free sneak into your course or whatever

whatever you’re doing just put that on social media and you can drive traffic to your site by doing that



when you put content on your website, make sure there are links in the content that lead to the lead magnet.


don’t forget when you put these links in don’t put it one spot, I recommend putting it at the beginning of whatever content you have in the middle and somewhere at the end

that way you’ve got several opportunities to actually gain this person’s name and email and build your prospect list.






the fact is 97% of the people that come to your site don’t buy anything so if you let these people come to your site and they leave then you’re missing out on 97% of potential customers that actually came to your site.


but if you have an opt-in there,

they opt-in

and they get your free download then, of course, you can market to them later on and you’re going to recapture a lot of these people.



use strong verbs and powerful headlines on your pages, this is super important because if you do that it will encourage people to act a whole lot more on getting your lead magnet or viewing a part of your course whatever it is.


for example

The five benefits of drinking cold east London tea every single morning number five will shock you

okay so now I need to opt-in for that because I want to see what number five is right

it builds curiosity so you’ll have more people wanting to opt-in

as you have people opt-in Google sees that people are interacting with your page, they’re spending more time there and that’s going to also increase you in the rankings

as your rankings improve, of course, more people will see your page then more people will go to it, it’s a snowball effect.


remember once again eight out of ten people will read your headline but they won’t read the body of your page only two out of ten will actually read the body so if they’re starting to read the body and they opted in that sends a signal to Google that that’s a good page and they’re going to increase your rankings now when you come up in the rankings and the search results and you’re below another company in the search results but you’re getting more clicks than them, Google will see that,


and see that even though you’re lower you’re getting more clicks they’ll gradually move you up in the search results.



maybe wondering how to find great titles, well you can do it at ubersuggest let’s run over there for a minute and I’ll show you what I mean


okay, I’m on ubersuggests right now [17/02/2021] and I typed in the word’ survival food.

Since December well that’s really been going up because of the pandemic that’s going on right now but what we can do with this is we can go over to content ideas and click on that and what you’ll see is all these different page titles.



It will show you the estimated visits and a number of backlinks

so right here I could come up with a really good title I can also see what it’s doing on Facebook what it’s doing on Pinterest

for example, how to make superfood, and as I scroll through here, I can find all kinds of different ones how to make three thousand calorie DIY survival food ration bars, that’s got a lot of interest that this one up here food independence could be a matter of survival for the US most isolated state


so we can see there that’s got an 81000 so whatever you want to type in here you could do that and then come over here to content and get the ideas



you can use ubersuggest to check your own website so let’s run over there real quick and we’ll put in a couple of websites and we’ll see what the results are

okay so what I’m doing here is I’m starting a new project and you can put in a domain here then you can name it so we’ll put in a domain in here let’s put in homedepot.com


We’ll call this project Home Depot so let’s go ahead and click Next here

and it says track keywords will use this location to track keywords so it’s looking at my location right here and I’ll just put by the United States there click Next

now what it’s doing is it’s looking at the keywords


we can see the position that they ran for me so there’s twenty-four point nine million for the words home depot

home depo they ranked number one

overstock they actually ranked for two

ring doorbell they ranked four


so you can see the different positions that ranked and where they rank first second third that type of thing and we can actually click on this and it will show you the keyword right over here and can add those keywords if we wanted so that way you can see how your website’s doing


what you should also do is make a project of your competitors to see what they’re ranking for so you can see what keywords you need to put on your site

there you have it there’s


5ways for you to improve traffic to your site

you’re simple and easy to do

just begin with those five

and guess what building that site, the excitement of building that site will not be as exciting as actual traffic to that site

and actually, getting opt-ins and building your list and making sales

that’s the super exciting part right there