At this point you must have come across the term ” The money is in the list ” and that every business thrives on a constant flow of customers. So good business marketing must be able to attract new customers and maintain the already existing ones.

these days, it’s clear to say one of the best ways to maximize your marketing value is by effectively building and managing your email list.

you already know what an email list is, so just a brief summary

It’s simply a list of emails gathered from current and potential customers who have indicated an interest in receiving useful news, product, or something else of value in their email inboxes.


Even though social media seem to have taken a center stage in digital marketing, there are several reasons why an email list is important, some of which include:

  • You can make personalized connections.

An email list helps the business send messages to individuals’ email inboxes. So, you’re not just a status update as in social media that’s there and then gone – you’re right in the potential customer’s inbox building intimacy and trust with the customer.

  • It yields better ROI.

It beats every other form of online marketing in terms of Returns on Investment (ROI). This means that you’re more likely to make the most out of your investments in email marketing than in using social media accounts or other digital marketing forms.

  • Privacy is guaranteed.

Because people read emails in their inboxes, they are comfortable enough to ask very personal questions directly and in confidence, and this builds trust and connection.

  • It fosters promotion.

Nothing gets more engagement than emails. If someone gives you their email address, it means they are ready to engage with your content or product and can even help promote it.

  • Your content is protected and regulated by no other.

Since Google algorithms change every now and then, a mail list is the only protection you have in a situation where Google algorithms swing and your content is up for penalty, and where, oftentimes, you don’t even know what you have done wrong.

  • It gives high marketing to sales conversion.

People consume emails differently than they do other media. The more people you have on your mailing list, the more potential buyers can be part of your marketing strategies.

  • You “own” your email list.

Unlike the social media pages, you own your email list. This means that when using your email list, you don’t have to worry about a third party changing the rules. The only restrictions you may have are those given by the potential customer at the point of giving you permission to send mails.

  • It aids you in acquiring clear knowledge of the audience.

In digital marketing, the audience is the asset. You can, therefore, gather information concerning your reader, who is hopefully your potential customer, as they indulge in your email marketing strategies.

  • It serves as a creative outlet to prove relevance.

Email marketing provides a creative outlet to prove that you understand a prospect’s problem and can provide a solution, thereby proving that you are relevant.

  • It helps create traffic.

Even if you’re not selling any product, email marketing can get people on your site on a continual basis.

  • Effective communication is ensured.

Another reason why an email list is important is that it ensures that you easily get messages directly to customers.

  • The larger the better.

With the use of email marketing software, huge companies are also able to personally connect to customers and potential customers.

  • You make more money.

Since the average ROI on emails is 4300%, despite the associated cost usually incurred especially during adverts, the revenue you get back usually covers whatever sum was spent in gaining addresses.

  • Emails serve as good reference materials anytime, any day.

When you send something useful to people, they can refer to it more than once, and emails are easily searchable too.

  • The lifespan of your messages will be decided by your recipient:

Unlike a social media post whose lifespan may range between a few hours to only a few minutes, emails last as long as their recipients decide.


Having highlighted just how important email lists are, you’ve definitely decided to look into email list generation. But before you even start, here are three resources you must have:

  • You need an understanding of your audience/potential subscribers: You need to find people and then get their email addresses to build an email list. But when you know where your target audience hangs out socially and what appeals to them, getting their email addresses shouldn’t prove so difficult.
  • You need a website: Your potential customers would be gathered on your website. This may sound scary, but it does not have to be a huge website. In fact, all you actually need is a landing page – a single web page that will contain your email opt-in form. The opt-in form is where your page visitors can enter their email addresses to become subscribers, and then you can use the information filled in here to build an email list.
  • You need to make use of an email marketing service: In email marketing, communication will include different processes. You will need to organize your email list, send the emails, and as your email marketing grows, carry out sequencing and drip campaigns. So from the various marketing platforms available, you can choose one that is relatively cheap and easy to use, in order to communicate with your new email list

With the above resources in place, you’ll need to take note of the following during email list generation:

  • Reel your audience in with juicy offers.

People must see a reason to drop their email addresses on your landing page. You should be able to answer what your audience wants and offer your best resources, oftentimes for free. In making the opt-in form, the benefits must be clearly stated with images and bullet points.

  • Start building with your already existing resources.

You probably have a few customers’ emails already in your work mail address. You can begin to build an email list from here. Make sure you don’t fall for the temptation to buy an email list, as it is never a good idea.

  • You can use your social media accounts.

The exposure offered by social media is beyond your family and friends. So when you post anything on your website or landing page, you can put a link to your social media account as this will bring more visitors who are more likely to drop emails. You can also join relevant groups where your target audience will be active.

  • Get subscribers through content marketing.

At any stage in your email list generation, you have to attract users to your content. Your posts should be attractive and relevant enough for individuals to want to join in the journey through your content.

  • Create traffic by purchasing ads.

Building your list organically, though very good, is not always the fastest way, as there’s a limit to the contact you can make. This can be remedied by purchasing ad traffic. But what kind of paid traffic do you need? You could use the popular Facebook ads or the LinkedIn sponsored updates. Also, using Twitter ads and Google Adwords can help blast the size of your email list to unbelievable heights.

Can you build your email list with just these steps? Absolutely! But remember that it’s a process and there’s a lot more that can be done. You can try advanced techniques like giveaways, popups, and webinars. You must note, however, that the money isn’t so much in the list as it is in the relationship you have with the people in it. Continually cultivate the list you have built by using rich information, a personal tone, exclusive offers, and high-value emails, and you’re bound to see spectacular results.